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This lady is truly a cultural creative. In addition to creating as a painter, her artistic soul finds expression in pottery poetry and interior design. But her creativity doesn’t stop there. She has been known to use credit cards and toothbrushes as artistic tools and leaves and sand as media to create texture in her paintings. She is always experimenting and learning new techniques.



Her study of art and design is evident in her process which includes many layers of paint and glazes creating beautiful luminosity. Her analytic eye enables her to paint realism while her artistic soul expresses itself in impressionism. Rarely are artists skilled at both.


Emily immigrated to Canada as a child from war-torn Poland and grew up surrounded by the lakes and trees of Manitoba. Today she is still inspired by patterns she sees in nature here in Canada and wherever she travels. Reflecting on what creating and surrounding herself with art means to her, she states:

“Enjoying meaningful art carries us out of our time to a state of mind of the largeness of time and space. In moments of crisis art is there to keep us alive.”