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One could hardly avoid an attraction to art growing up in tthe Ontario mining community of Cobalt. Every summer artist colonies would come to town to paint the iconic head frames and twisted streets. A delightful, eccentric local lady who became Jeanne's first teacher had her painting worn out miner's boots among other unusual things and Jeanne loved it.

Although she never lost the attraction to painting and took many classes over the years, it was not until retirement that she could truly dedicate herself to art. Jeanne loves to paint en Plein Air (outdoors) and  most naturally gravitates to landscapes. She says, "Our magnificent country offers far too much beauty not the paint the world around me."

Another love of Jeanne's is painting portraits of pets and children. She uses vibrant oils and interesting texture.


"Creating art is never easy fo rme", says Jeanne. "It's work and I have to have just the right mind set to be able to create... the world isn't perfect, but painting, it seems, is. It makes me happy once I overcome the intial inertia and I am consciously practicing in order ot be ale to create more spontaneously."