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When Mel wants to master something, he doesn't wait around for someone to teach him. As a 14 year old he taught himself to drive his father's 1936 Plymouth in the pasture while his dad was at work. His approach to learning to paint was similar. With no television or internet to entertain him, he spent many a childhood hour drawing at the kitchen table figuring it out for himself, often on an old grocery bag with a stub of a pencil.

The first formal instruction Mel recieved was in high school where he quiclky excelled. But the practicality of his career in civil engineering provided little time for his more artistic pursuits. Only in retirement has painting recieved the attention his passion deserves.

Mel has experimented with oils water colours but in recent years, acrylic paint has becom his media of choice. As for subject matter, Mel says:


"My main interests lie in landscape painting conveyng an active environment with strong contrasts in lighting and colour."