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Sylvie's artistic development was nurtured and encouraged by her family as she grew up in Montreal. Although she considered a career as a race car driver or a dancer, she instead went the academic route, earning a Ph D in geology. In case that sounds boring to you, you should know it opened the door to great adventure, travel and exploration which has profoundly influenced her art.

"These environments allowed me to reconnect with nature and observe beauty though colour harmonies, textures and shapes which stimulated the development of my artistic styles and ideals."

She doesn't feel that art should have to be explained. She believes it is more interesting and honest to allow the viewer to bring thier personal interpretation to the experience.


"Creating art brings me into a space that feels harmonious. it is probably while I am painting that I feel the most connected with myself and my surroundings. It is a different and wonderful way to learn about life and the world that complements my science background. It also opens a door to become a better human being."


By Donna Carter