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Diana Harris is almost certainly the most versatile of the Passionate Painters. She moves effortlessly from oil to acrylic, realism to abstraction. Whatever style she tackles, she does it with incredible focus and determination. An insatiable learner, she is always taking at least one class or workshop at a time.



Inspired by the great Impressionist painters, the Group of Seven, and many local Canadian artists, she strives to display movement, and explore color in her work. She is drawn towards bold colors and texture.





Formerly a critical care nurse, she volunteered for Wings of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation for nine years, working closely with jewelry designers to coordinate the jewelry fundraising campaign.




Over the years she has exhibited her art in a number of exhibitions, contributed many paintings to fundraising events, and has sold many paintings to private collectors. 



“Art is my story, my existence, my love. It drives my passion and feeds my soul.  I create for the love of art.”