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I was the kind of kid who lived in their imagination more than in the real world. My favourite solitary activity was drawing. I spent hours at it right up until the time I went to Mount Royal University to study Interior Design. Do you know how much drawing that involves? Mostly technical drawing with a bit of water colour thrown in for architectural rendering.


Somehow in that process, drawing stopped being fun for me. The only drawing I did

was for my design clients for more than 20 years. In a strange twist, I ended up publishing a non-fiction book that was successful enough that I had no time for my design practise.


A few months after my abrupt career change I began to really miss creating and I joined a painting collective. My first day I didn’t even know how to hold a paintbrush but only a few months later I was selling paintings.



“Painting has become my therapy and my passion. I can’t imagine my life without it. Some people are just born to create!” ~ Donna Carter