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One of my first experiences in the visual arts came in 1988 when I took an art

class from a well-known Calgary artist and instructor. At that time, I enjoyed using
coloured pencils to create drawings on paper. From the instruction I received, I
learned to appreciate the various aspects of creating my own art and having it
become a lifelong passion.

As an independent artist, I later discovered the joy of painting in Acrylics and I
furthered my artistic skills. My approach to my work varies, prompting me to seek
out new painting techniques and applying them to my created pieces.

It’s no secret that among other subjects that I like to paint, flowers are my most favorite. With petals that are free flowing and colourful, no two are alike. They allow me the opportunity to experiment with different design elements to create a beautiful image on canvas. This is the primary attraction for me.


I have always had a special fondness for photorealism and classical period paintings. In my own work, using photo references or painting from life, I strive for accurate and detailed depictions in my subjects by creating what they look like in nature or in my surroundings.

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