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 What's up with Jeanne Urban


    Jeanne Urban is our featured artist this month. Let's learn a little more about what makes Jeanne tick as an artist.


   Jeanne has been painting forever! Painting mostly landscapes and portraits, one of her favourite indulgences is to paint en plein air - that’s the French expression used for painting out doors. Artists are always in pursuit of that perfect light or the best composition or the most amazing colour and if we’re lucky we might find all three when painting outside! The pursuit of painting plein air takes an artist such as Jeanne to many new places - or sometimes old favourites - sometimes at the crack of dawn or chasing that elusive colourful evening sunset backlighting our mountains, foothills, meadows, rivers and forests! Jeanne delights that there is so much to see and so many places to choose from.



   Plein air painting is not for the faint of heart - last summer Jeanne found a beautiful fir tree clinging to a steep hillside in the Shuswap - the challenge that day was the 34 degree weather. 




   Another adventure found Jeanne set upon a hillside, battling mosquitoes for 2 days capturing a twisted old arbutus tree growing moss over its bare orange limbs. The amazing colour captured by Jeanne was well worth the effort and discomfort!



   Another time Jeanne found herself shivering on a sunny mid-winter day in the Elbow Valley painting the mostly frozen Elbow river. 




   Sometimes though, all it takes is just a photo!  While in Canmore in March, Jeanne took a photo that turned into this lovely little painting below. It involved a little artistic license as the barn on the right doesn’t really live there except in the painting but Jeanne felt the composition needed ‘something’ more. 




  Jeanne's drive to paint results in her having to endure varying weather and many long hours at the easel, all for her love of creating art. Jeanne's hope is that you love what you see in her creations and make one your very own.





Dear faithful reader - thank you for your interest and perhaps indulgence in original Canadian art as presented to you by the Passionate Painters each month and available for purchase in our on-line galleries and shows.