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                                   Louise Hall

   The Passionate Painters Art Group has been Louise’s “baby” since it’s inception.  As owner of Leading Edge Art Workshops, Louise offerred a critique group once a month during the winter months so that artists could have a means of learning and improving their work. Louise was so impressed with the level of accomplishment of artists within the group that she put the idea out there to have a small group of committed, passionate artists who show their work together while supporting one another in the process.  As the first president of the group and working through some growing pains, Louise is very pleased that the group is now functioning well together and has big plans for more shows when we get through the Covid situation.


   Louise started painting in watercolor, has tried oils, and now is in love with acrylic and mixed media. She is drawn to pattern and likes to paint somewhat abstracted landscapes, such as her bird paintings that have soft, abstracted backgrounds and then more realistic images of her feathered friends. 


The Flight 22"x22"


   Louise also sees and enjoys the patterns of nature, as seen in this image below called Winter Sun. It’s a very meditative painting and is another example of how she merges abstraction and realism.


Winter Sun 24"x24"


   Sometimes Louise likes to work in mixed media and collage as in the painting below.  She paints in all sizes from small 12” x 12” canvases up to larger 30” x 50” sizes.


Three Amigos  12"x12"



   Non-representational work draws Louise’s interest and she often just lets the colour and pattern flow in an intuitive manner.  She enjoys painting in layers and will let one layer dry before apply another, as she uses transparent, translucent and opaque paint to create different effects.


Meanderings 22"x30"



   Colour is another of Louise’s interests and she likes to work with a limited palette in her work and often uses contrasting colours to create richness and excitement! 


Forest Impressions 22"x22"