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Let's introduce you to Jacqueline Warkentin


“Owl in Flight”  24 x 48 Framed Acrylic is one that I collaborated with my son Jarrod who is an accomplished artist in his own right and played a big part in my inspiration and desire to start painting. I especially like the fiery background in this painting from which the owl is approaching from.




“Foster”  16 x 20 Gallery Wrap Acrylic, my latest pet portrait, and a much loved Bouvier des Flandres breed. I have been painting pet portraits for many years and I would have to say what I find most rewarding, is to witness the client's strong emotional reaction upon seeing the finished painting(s). 

“Addy & Wonky Donkey”  22 x 33 Framed Acrylic. I think I can speak for most when I say, we as artists are continually striving to better our techniques and to challenge ourselves each time we pick up a paint brush. As one who primarily paints animals, I feel capturing the emotion, spirit and soul is key to a successful painting. I wondered if I could achieve that whilst painting a portrait of Adelaya and her donkey.  Along with the challenge, I enjoyed the process as it evoked mixed emotions of sweetness yet poignancy as I couldn't help but think of my own 3 boys at this age and how quickly time passes! Her mom tells me she is a "real princess"! The dress has passed through 5 little girls and after Addy, it will probably never be worn again.