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   This time has shortened my activities and slowed me down to think about the direction I am going with my art.

   Recently, I have been producing sensual paintings that provoke deep meaning.
What moves me?

The skies - a cloud formation, the colours of the glorious sunrise or sunset, the ever changing shapes that hover like a blanket.

Water - it’s reflection and movement, providing thirst, sustaining growth, a place to play.

Trees- how they can be comic, heroic, tragic to sensitive, mysterious, their place in producing fruit, nuts, shelter and shade.

The human connection - to living creatures and the earth.

Plein Air - getting outside to immerse myself in nature and paint in the great outdoors.

Will the viewer see the joy my painting can bring as much as I do?

Will it evoke emotion in a place in time?

Painting is an never ending journey that keeps me challenged and satisfied. I feel grateful that I can take this gift and produce something meaningful.

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