Acrylic painting Nanuk by Kristen Young by Passionate Painters

Nanuk by Kristen Young

36”x36” Acrylic on Cradled Birchwood Panel

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She is the calm in the storm. Her name means “animal worthy of respect” which is so perfectly suited to this piece. She’s very nostalgic for me- the background is reminiscent of the colours of my childhood bedroom. 80’s and 90’s kids? You know what I mean. Pastels were all the rage, so I imagine I’m not alone in this nostalgia. I didn’t intend for that to transpire on the painting, but that’s the magic of the process! I had planned on the background being much more muted and white but once I got these colours together I couldn’t bring myself to paint over them. These are chromatic whites and I actually find these tones quite captivating, especially blended together in this way. 

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$4,400.00 CAD