Biography Jacqueline Sabourin Warkentin



Originally from Winnipeg Manitoba, Jacqueline has made the city of Calgary her home since 1994. Her love and appreciation of the arts has been a persistent trait throughout her life. She is primarily a self-taught artist and has enjoyed working in acrylics for the past 6 years.

She credits her youngest of 3 sons for her inspiration and desire to paint, which came after watching him create a large mural in downtown Calgary.

Her husband of 40 years has affectionately dubbed her, “The Pajama Painter” as she is known to paint in her pajamas while listening to music in her home studio.

Working as a designer and colour consultant in their family business, Jacqueline has attributed this towards her passion for dramatic and bold use of colour as seen throughout many of her works.    

Living close to Fish Creek Park has provided her with an appreciation for nature as well as offering her an array of inspiration. Her artwork continues to evolve as she enrols in various workshops held by well-known Canadian artists.

She has recently had the opportunity to work with several professional wildlife photographers as her inspiration for her most recent works. She enjoys the challenge of capturing on canvas, the emotion, spirit and soul of her subjects through her interpretation of these images.

As an artist she hopes to continue to experience the joy and the opportunity to share her passion with those who view her art.

Jacqueline’s artwork can be viewed at the Leighton Art Centre, Okotoks Art Gallery, as well as private collections including commissioned works throughout Canada.

“Find your joie de vivre!”

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