Brent Ciccone Biography

I retired in 2012 after some 30 odd years working in the oil patch. I should say semi-retired since I do own and manage an Art School, “Green Palette Arts”. We offer classes 2 days a week and have around 25 students enrolled.


Some 30 years ago now my wife and I decided to sell our house, and most everything we owned, and went off to see the world. This was an amazing experience and one that we have never regretted, even though it was tough going at times. We survived our travels and are still married! I continue to draw on those round the world travel experiences in my art and it affects my outlook on the world, especially now that I have seen a small part of it. Even three years spent travelling is not enough time to really see the world. I lost count of the number of countries we visited, something on the order of 40-50 and on all of the continents, except Antarctica!


In my youth, I was never particularly artistic but I did dabble with my mother's oil paints when she was painting. I took up painting in the early 1990's when I was finding the results of my photography efforts to be unsatisfactory. While I occasionally produced good photographs, the photos seldom captured the mood or feeling of the place and time. I turned to painting in an effort to better capture those fleeting moments and I continue to learn to this day on how to accomplish this goal in my paintings. Since taking up painting I have attended numerous art classes and workshops with a number of different artists and am always willing to try out new techniques that I can incorporate into my work.


I paint in both Oils and Pastels, choosing the media to best suit the subject matter. I enjoy spending time hiking and skiing in the mountains and use those journeys as inspiration for many of my paintings.

phone: 403-660-3225