Dennis Ronald Biography

Dennis O. Ronald. A Biography of His Life in Art.




It is said that artist paint what they love and what has meaning and importance to them. That is definitely true for me. Born in Calgary, I had access to the beauty of southern Alberta and developed a love of being in the forests and mountains there. Always, at the core of my work, is to capture and do justice to the majesty of nature and it’s Devine Creation. Over the years, and with instruction from some of the greats of today’s artist, I have improved upon my humble beginnings of “Paint by number” Christmas presents. The attraction of “The Act of Creating” is incredibly strong and is a most addictive force. It offers a lifetime of learning, of companionship and growth. My love of art and of being creative has been one of the only things to capture my interest and hold it and increase it with the passage of years. I hope my creations will touch the heart of someone the way that the divine majesty and act of creating and capturing a moment in time has touched mine.