Emily Little Biography




From the time I was a child, I viewed my environment with a creative eye.


I saw diamonds in the sparkle sparkle of newly fallen snow reflecting in the sunlight.

I saw the pattern of shadows from a picket fence.

I saw how the glow of the sunset changed the colour of the atmosphere.

I saw the shapes of fallen leaves that formed a natural pattern.

I was mesmerized by the reflection of water.

I remember the calming effect nature had on me when I dipped my feet in the water or how the trees smelled after a rainfall.

I see the clouds with ever changing shapes, images and colour.


These perceptions are what feeds my art.


My beliefs are that in immersing ourselves in the spectacle of nature and the natural order, the sting of what is happening fades even for a time.

Enjoying meaningful art carries us out of our time to a state of mind of the the largeness of time and space.

in moments of crisis art is there to keep us alive.