Kristen Young Biography

Artistic expression has always been a part of my life. Growing up I was encouraged to pursue writing and so I journaled a lot and wrote on any subject that interested me. I scrapbooked a lot. I have always loved color and music and I’ve been drawn to the eccentric. Painting however, was always something I assumed I’d be terrible at, so I never even tried. 


It wasn’t until I became gravely ill with postpartum depression after the birth of my third child that I found myself trying water color painting as a form of therapy. I began painting because I HAD to, and: It worked. Without trying to make anything particularly wonderful I was free to create and all of a sudden I was SET free… I moved into acrylic landscape painting and oil Impressionism and I landed in the world of soft pastels. I was mesmerized with the depth of color I could create in blending my pencils together. I had painted many animals in water color, but as I attempted animals in pastel there was a moment where I sat back in my chair and found myself staring into the eye of a creature that seemed to have come to life on my paper!  I was hooked. Creating lifelike animals has been my focus ever since! I now work primarily in pastel and acrylic. Painting wild animals and coming alongside conservation efforts fits perfectly with my desire to stir passion for animals through my work as well as awareness and purpose in preserving and saving their lives. 


I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada where I was born and raised with my husband of over 15 years and my 3 adorable kiddos. I am a wife and a mom first and I have cherished the privilege of getting to stay home raising my kids while I now pursue my full time artist career. I love getting outside, and I love summer days at the beach. I love late night fires with neighbours and games nights with friends. 

Any day of the week my kids are at school, you’ll find me in my home studio with tunes blasting loud creating something enchanting. 


Thank you for taking some time to get to know me and coming alongside my art journey! I hope you find inspiration and transcendent beauty in the creatures I have painted.