Mel De Cook Biography

A self-taught artist, my journey started many years ago, when as a child the main source of entertainment was generated at the kitchen table with pencil in hand.

The pre- television and internet era did not afford the opportunity to learn from others, and the waste basket soon filled up with weird images of horses, cars, airplanes and, of course, rocket ships.

Money was very scarce in those days so supplies consisted of any old pencil that wasn't being used for making out the grocery list, as well as paper bags or scraps from around the house.

I never had any real tutoring until junior high school, which ignited interest in drawing and painting. In high school art was one of my majors, and the only subject I really enjoyed or excelled at.

After high school my art was put aside and I focused on my career in civil engineering as a draftsman and eventually as a designer, project manager  and partner in the firm.

After my retirement in 2005 I re- focused on painting and found a love for water colors, which provide great freedom of expression with wonderful color mixing and luminosity.

For the past 5 years I have added acrylics as a preferred medium.

My main interest lies in landscape painting which conveys an active environment.

With my landscapes I try to provide a variety of locations and moods, from marine themes to typical western Canadian settings.


Phone: 5875779177