Pat Johansen Biography

 Pat is a Calgary born artist working in Oil & Watercolor for the past 40 years. She has travelled extensively and lived in a number of countries including the Congo, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia, a post Soviet Union country & the US. Over the course of 25 years living overseas she was fortunate to interact with local artists, their methods, attitudes and personalities all of which continue to influence her work. Today her favorite medium is watercolor.

"The most important part of painting for me is an internal exploration and understanding of the learning that emerges for me after completing each piece of work.  I have exhibited and sold my work successfully in a number of countries, as well as at the Leighton Centre & Calyx exhibition, & Bragg Creek Artisans."

Pat and her husband repatriated in 2015 to Canada and settled in Bragg Creek, Alberta. When not painting she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, her sons and daughter in laws whom all enjoy getting outdoors skiing and hiking.  The abundance of spectacular scenery that is out her back door gives her endless subject matter to paint and influences her style of painting.